Firm Overview

The Davidson Law Office has been serving Smith County and Northeast Texas for more than a decade. Located in Tyler, we are a criminal defense firm who will fight for you.

If your hard-earned finances, your freedom, or even your life are on the line, how can you afford NOT to have the best defense?

The Davidson Law Office features award winning criminal defense whose track record speaks for itself. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, you need someone with the experience and tenacity to ensure that your rights aren’t compromised. Whether driving with a suspended license or accused of felony assault, you need an attorney who will fight for you in a court of law. I represent clients at the pretrial and trial level, on appeal, and in Applications for Writ of Habeas Corpus. I also represent clients in probation revocation and parole revocation proceedings. My practice areas range from Driving While Intoxicated/Driving Under The Influence to capital murder charges. A criminal conviction can have incredibly serious consequences for your life, including incarceration, loss of liberty or worse. Don’t take chances with your future!

Never speak without an attorney present.

It is important that you don’t volunteer any information without the counsel of an experienced defense attorney that understands your rights. Whether you are innocent or not, these rights must be considered carefully before offering any testimony. A criminal judgment can be devastating to your life and the well-being of your family. The need for knowledgeable counsel is critical to your freedom. The Davidson Law Office has handled thousands of cases. From preliminary negotiations and plea bargaining through the discovery process and the emotional upheaval of a criminal trial. I can help you through every stage of the process from investigation, research and analysis to Grand Jury preparation and presentations, from discovery through pretrial, from negotiations to trial or plea, from appeals and petitions for discretionary review to applications for writs of Habeas Corpus…

Don’t wait to contact the Davidson Law Office!

In all criminal cases, time is important. I will protect you during the process and begin investigating immediately to preserve crucial evidence. Do not delay. If your freedom and liberty is at stake, you need me to help you win.

I will fight for your constitutional rights! If your freedom and liberty is at stake, you need experienced and aggressive counsel. My track record speaks for itself. Don’t compromise. Call.