Case Histories

Other attorneys call themselves “dedicated” to the rights of their clients. This collection of my case histories speak for themselves. I fight for the rights and freedom of my clients.

The Mineola Swingers Club Cases

From 2008 through 2011, I represented Mr. Patrick Kelly in a ferociously fought case and trial in what is now known as “The Mineola Swingers Club Cases.” Although Mr. Kelly was convicted of a first degree felony and sentenced to life in 2008, my team and I were able to show that his prosecution was a disgrace to the criminal justice system, to Texas law and to our Constitution.

In 2010, the 14th Court of Appeals in Houston, recognizing the brilliant appellate work of my friend and partner in the Kelly MSC case, Attorney Wes Volberding, as well as the tremendous fight that my trial partner Tina Brumbelow and I put into the case before, during and after the Patrick Kelly trial, REVERSED and VACATED Mr. Kelly’s conviction in a scathing opinion which condemned the trial judge and prosecutor in the case.

All of the other MSC defendants, except for one (whose appeal is pending), have also had their convictions reversed and vacated and are now free citizens, too.

I led the MSC Patrick Kelly team at the pretrial and trial level. My appellate partner, Wes Volberding, brilliantly handled the case on appeal.

Patrick Kelly is a free man, his sentence reversed and vacated.

Other Cases of Note From 2010-2012

State v. Robert Stanley

Third degree felony case punishable by up to ten years in prison.
Jury trial. A hard-fought fight against skilled, zealous, experienced prosecutors. The verdict: NOT GUILTY.

State v. Blanton

First degree felony Aggravated Robbery case punishable by 5-99 years or life. Jury trial. A hard-fought fight against skilled, zealous, experienced prosecutors. The verdict: NOT GUILTY.

State v. Holly K

First degree felony Motion to Revoke Probation case in which my client was facing 5-99 years or life in prison. After fighting hard for my client and presenting evidence on her behalf, the outcome: PROBATION REINSTATED. The client is FREE.

State v. Johnson

First degree felony Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child case punishable by 5-99 years or life in prison. The client’s court-appointed lawyer failed to investigate the case, failed to investigate the client’s obvious signs of severe mental illness, and improperly pushed/induced the mentally incompetent (as in clinically insane) defendant to enter a guilty plea. I filed and litigated a Motion for New Trial, pointing out that the defendant has spent much of his life in mental hospitals, was incompetent, and that, therefore, his original plea was involuntary and invalid. The result: The trial judge GRANTED my Motion for New Trial. The client was RELEASED from jail. The client is now FREE at home in another state.

State v. Williams

DWI case in which my client, a mother and professional person, was facing a criminal conviction, loss of her job, possible time in jail and loss of her driver’s license. I investigated the case and presented my findings to prosecutors. The outcome: CASE DISMISSED.

Dear v. State

Parole revocation case in which the client was facing ten or more years in prison. The allegations against the client were numerous, but the evidence supporting most of them was little more than hearsay. I presented evidence on my client’s behalf before and during his parole revocation hearing, and I severely attacked the allegations and evidence against the client. The result: CASE DISMISSED. PAROLE FINISHED. CLIENT FREE.

State v. Client X

Felony DWI with Child Onboard case in which my client was involved in a motor vehicle accident with her child in the car, and the client was impaired. The child was not injured. The client, a young mother with a good heart and soul, had a history of severe mental illness. I investigated the case and had my client evaluated a good mental health professional, then presented my findings to honorable prosecutors and to the Court. The result: The client was put on probation. She was not put in prison. She did not lose her child. She is employed, undergoing therapy, is happy, and has a great life with her child. (That client and her daughter are in a beautiful photograph hanging on wall in my office. Below the picture, on a small brass plate, is the word VICTORY.)