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Personal Injury Law – Why You Need Legal Counsel

Personal Injury Law – Why You Need Legal Counsel

Whenever someone is injured in an accident, there can be many ramification that will ensue that will affect a person’s life either in the short term, but often for months and even years afterward. Most people involved in an accident have never been in one before and have no idea what steps to take to protect themselves. When the accident is clearly the fault of the other driver, you may shortly have a call coming in from an insurance adjuster regarding settling your claim. While this person may bring you solutions to your situation, remember that they represent the other party and do not have your interests in mind. Most insurance companies seek to quickly settle claims for as little as possible, which can lead to serious problems for you if you choose to accept their offer without consulting with an place accident attorneys

Following an accident a person may not feel the full affects of their injuries for several days, sometimes a couple of weeks. In the case of soft tissue injuries and traumatic brain injuries, some time can pass before symptoms begin to affect a person, resulting in costly medical care being needed later on. If you have already settled for a minimal sum with an insurance company, you may find yourself with medical costs you have no compensation for. Choosing an attorney you feel comfortable with and trust can make a huge difference in the outcome of your injury claim.

Obtaining Compensation on Your Behalf

Other situations can arise which involve the other party denying any negligence or liability for the accident, resulting in your claim being denied by the insurance company. Without legal representation, your chances of overturning their decision to deny your claim are practically non-existent. With the help of a knowledgeable and skilled personal injury attorney, your rights can be protected by someone who knows the laws and how to investigate your loss so that your claim can be proven. A personal injury attorney will generally have investigators and expert witnesses they use to document your claim and other legal professionals that will assist in obtaining compensation on a client’s behalf that can include full medical benefits for their injuries, lost wages caused by the accident, property damage and even to compensate for the pain and suffering you have had to endure because of another’s negligence.

Take advantage of the help you can receive from a trained professional. The chances of recovery remain much higher when represented by a dedicated legal counsel.

If you had a bad accident - you need the right Lawyer


Not every single car accident legal professional out there, is a decent attorney. There are those that know very well what they are doing, and there are those who are simply following the fees you are obliged to pay them whether you win or lose the accident attorneys

Knowing the difference can mean an effective legal affair or the one which is marked with some seriously expensive fees producing to nothing. Keep these dissimilarities in mind, and you will be able to identify the great car incident legal professional from the shams:

The good lawyer enables you to talk to previous clients. They may have nothing to hide, and their clients will be more than happy to recount a successful legal battle in the past.

The bad lawyer hides behind legal excuses. Privacy, confidentiality and all that punk is a setup to get you from their previous clients. Avoid lawyers who don’t want you within a mile of the previous clients, especially since they know they seriously botched the case up.

Typically the good legal professional looks for facts and solutions. He is dedicated to what a auto accident lawyer is supposed to do: succeed your case. The sleep are just details.

The particular bad legal professional looks for payment guarantees. He is dedicated to what a typical pathetic excuse for a legal professional wants from you: your money. The remainder are just details.

The good lawyer is the one that you can work with. Warm fuzzy feelings can prove to be useful, particularly when a good working relationship helps add motivation to a lawyers pursuit. A friend could be more willing to help you than a nameless face in the crowd.accident attorneys

The bad legal professional is the one which you dont like. Just how do you expect this person to defend your circumstance in court if you cant even see eye-to-eye on a personal level? Professionalism and reliability can easily go so significantly, especially since arguments and misunderstandings can undermine that professionalism.

The good lawyer works quickly and efficiently. Quick proceedings, passing the buck around and getting things done is the mark of a true professional.

Unhealthy legal professional likes adding up the bills. The longer you retain such a parasitical car crash legal professional together with you, the more chances and opportunities there will be for added charges.

The good legal professional notifies you all the time. You’re the main one getting in legal trouble here, and your lawyer will be more than happy to tell just what is going on. This particular is especially crucial for you, since the inches and outs of such proceedings are beyond the average Joe.

The bad legal professional doesn’t value your knowledge. If you’re the one getting in legal trouble here, not the car accident attorney. Having to make clear every single details here is merely a waste materials of time, and the legal professional sees you as more of a hassle than someone to help.accident attorneys

Questions you are facing after an Accident


» What should I do immediately following a car accident?
» Who is liable for paying for my physical injuries as well as any personal property damage?
» How does uninsured motorist insurance work?
» If I am partially responsible for an accident, can I still make a claim?
» Who is responsible for an accident involving my vehicle and a city street pothole?
» Should I take the settlement my insurance company is offering me?
» What issues will I face in making a claim for my injuries sustained in an auto accident?
» What if I cannot afford to pay my medical bills?
» When will my personal injury claim be resolved?
» What is a permanent injury?
» Am I at fault if I rear-end another vehicle?
» I did not feel pain at the scene and refused medical treatment. Now, a few days later I am in pain. What should I do?
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What should I do immediately following a car accident?

If you are not severely injured, collect all pertinent information from the other drivers – driver’s license numbers, address, telephone numbers, insurance card information, etc. Keep a daily journal beginning with the date of the auto accident to document all physical and mental injuries, as well as document your view of the accident. Notify the arriving Scranton police officer of the events of the accident that you can recall.

Who is liable for paying for my physical injuries as well as any personal property damage?
Under Pennsylvania’s law, the driver who caused the car accident’s liability insurance pays for your car damage and personal injuries. If you are at fault for the automobile accident, your liability insurance will pay the other driver’s property damage and personal injuries up to your policy’s limits.

Who is responsible for an auto accident involving my vehicle and a city street pothole?
Responsibility for damage caused by improper maintenance or repair of Scranton’s roads and highways generally lies with the government agency responsible for the upkeep of such roadways. If it were a pothole on a city street, the city is responsible.

Should I take the settlement my insurance company is offering me?
You should not take any settlements offered by an insurance company without first speaking with an experienced Scranton auto accident lawyer. Insurance companies typically offer a minimal amount of money in return for your signature stating that you will not sue them. Never take an insurance check without first consulting a Scranton car accident lawyer.

What issues will I face in making a claim for my injuries sustained in an auto accident?
The three categories of issues that typically arise in a tort claim after an automobile accident are:

Liability – who is at fault and to what degree
Damages – injuries or losses that were caused by the accident
Insurance Coverage – what the insurance company will pay for after an accident
A claim for injuries usually is based upon carelessness or negligence. In worse case scenarios, it involves an intentional or reckless act.
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What if I cannot afford to pay my medical bills?
If you suffer injuries from a car accident, you will likely have medical bills from physicians, hospitals, physical therapists, and other health care providers. Under PA’s law, you are primarily responsible for paying your bills, regardless of the cause of your injuries. The at-fault person’s liability insurance carrier is responsible for paying you reasonable compensation for damages incurred, which includes medical bills, but the insurance carrier is not responsible for paying your doctors, hospitals, and other providers. Sometimes the amount the insurance company is willing to pay is far less than the actual amount you owe.

When will my personal injury claim be resolved?
Personal injury claims can be resolved in a matter of a few weeks or months. However, they can take up to several years depending on the complexity of the case. It is best to contact with an experienced Scranton personal injury attorney about your specific case.

What is a permanent injury?
A permanent injury is an injury that will be with you for the rest of your life or for some period beyond the settlement of the claim. In most cases, the injured party is entitled to compensation from the at-fault party or their insurance company for all medical bills incurred to date and into the future for all injuries caused by the accident.

Am I at fault if I rear-end another vehicle?
Usually, yes. Pennsylvania’s law states that you must maintain a safe distance to be able to stop safely if a car stops in front of you.

I did not feel pain at the scene and refused medical treatment. Now, a few days later I am in pain. What should I do?accident attorneys
You should immediately consult your medical provider regarding any pain, discomfort or possible injuries from a car accident, even if you think they may be only minor injuries. Even if you did not complain of injuries at the scene of the car accident, you may be entitled to payment of your medical bills, compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of earnings capacity, and emotional distress due to personal injuries. You should contact an experienced Texas car accident attorney to discuss whether you need representation on your claim.